The SRI LANKA MEDICAL COUNCIL is a statutory body established for the purpose of protecting health care seekers by ensuring the maintenance of academic and professional standards, discipline and ethical practice by health professionals who are registered with it.

As presently constituted the Council has representation from medical faculties of the state universities as well as from professionals in the state and private sector.

It is a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal.

The general duty of the Council is to protect the public and uphold the reputation of the profession. The Council does this by maintaining and publishing registers of qualified persons in different categories to practice each discipline, by prescribing the standard of education and standard of medical education, providing advice on professional conduct and medical ethics and taking action against those who are registered with the Council if it appears that they have become unfit to practice and exercise the privileges of registration.

The Medical (Amendment) Act No. 30 of 1987 makes provision for the Council to enter and make inquiries at recognized universities and institutions to ascertain whether the courses of study, the degree of proficiency at examinations conducted for conferment of qualifications and staff, equipment and facilities provided at such universities and institutions conform to prescribed standards. If they fail to conform to prescribed standards, the council may recommend to the Minister to withdraw such recognition.


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